Add Builders

Before you can configure a Target a Builder must be available. The Builder configures or describes where the image will be created.

Use the Add Builders button to add a new Builder to your account.

add builders

First you need to choose a Builder.

Currently only the Amazon EBS Builder is available.

After that a Name needs to be specified for the Builder. This can be something like “Amazon, Account-Id, eu-central-1, M5” or “Amazon EBS Builder for West Europe”.

A description can be inserted, but is not mandatory.

Be sure to use this field to add some more information about the type of Builder. Your colleagues will love you for that.

In the next step choose a Connection that should be used for the image creation.

You can create multiple Connections in the Settings area. And be sure that one Connection is present before you start configuring your Builder

Now choose aRegion where this image has to be created.

In the last step choose an Instance Type that should be used to create the image.